Tank and
Vat Cars

Lionel offered several tank car shapes and styles during the postwar era. Availability ranged from single, to double and finally triple dome versions as well as different styles within each version. With the exception of a few brightly colored offerings, the tank car is the most prototypical freight car produced by Lionel. On the other hand, the vat car is based on a seldom used freight car designed to transport pickles. Lionel produced only two versions -- each with the same number, 6475.

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Tank & Vat Cars
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Item # YearsTank ClassificationDescription
1005 1948 - 1950Single Dome Sunoco Tank Car
2465 1946 - 1948Double Dome Sunoco Tank Car
2555 1946 - 1948Single Dome Sunoco Tank Car
6015 1954 & 1955Single Dome Sunoco Tank Car
6025 1956 - 1958Single Dome Gulf Tank Car
6035 1952 & 1953Single Dome Sunoco Tank Car
6045 1959 - 1964Double Dome Lionel Lines Tank Car
6315 1956 - 1958 & 1963 - 1969Single Dome Gulf & Lionel Lines Tank Car
6415 1953 - 1955 & 1964 - 1969Triple Dome Sunoco Tank Car
6425 1956 - 1958Triple Dome Gulf Tank Car
6463 1962 & 1963Double Dome Rocket Fuel Tank Car
6465 1948 - 1966Double Dome Tank Car - Multiple Names
6475 1960 - 1964--- Pickles / Libbys Vat Car
6555 1949 & 1950Single Dome Sunoco Tank Car

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