The backbone of postwar Lionel train production were their boxed sets. These sets -- or outfits as referred to by Lionel -- were usually a persons first introduction to a Lionel train. Over the years, the collectability of a complete, boxed set has dramatically increased within the collector market.

As the old adage goes "first impressions are lasting impressions". At Lionel, this was well known by the marketing and sales teams. Therefore, Lionel compiled sets with simplicity and completeness in mind. It was usually nothing more than a few minutes for a boy and his dad to assemble a set and be transformed to the engineer of their railroad empire -- even if it was only under a Christmas tree.

Click on any of the entries in the chart listed below. You'll be presented with a summary of the components for on the specific set. Every listing contains specific product data with a brief history of the item and at least one photo. Whether doing some serious research on model trains or simply taking a stroll down memory lane, take your time as you absorb the pages that follow. Some of you will view the exact trains you had while growing up, some will recognize the trains your parents had, others will discover startling facts about the glory years of a company that has become a piece of Americana.

Click on an Item # For More Details
Item # YearsLocomotiveDescription
463W 1945224 Four car freight
502 19551615 Three car work train
707 19562018 Four car freight
725 1957202 Four car freight
1105 19591055 Four car freight
1403 or 1403W 1946221 Three car freight
1405W 19461666 Three car freight
1415WS 19462020 Four car freight
1451WS 19492026 Three car freight
1426WS 1948 & 19492026 Three car passenger
1459WS 19492020 Five car freight
1464W 1950 - 19532023 or 2033 Three car passenger
1467W 1950 - 19532023 or 2032 Four car freight
1479WS 19522056 Four car freight
1503WS 1953 & 19542055 Four car freight
1523 19546250 Four car work train
1527 19551615 Three car work train
1555WS 19562018 Four car freight
1569 1957202 Four car freight
1587S 19572037 Five car freight,"The Girls's Set"
1590 1958249 Four car freight
1611 1959614 Four car freight
1626W 1959208 Four car freight & passenger
1629 1960225 Four car freight
1633 1960224 Four car freight
1641 1961246 Three car freight
1643 1961230 Four car freight
1646 1961233 Four car freight
2115WS 1946726 Four car freight
2141WS 1948 & 1949671 Four car freight
2163WS 1950 & 1951736 Four car freight
2167WS 1950 & 1951681 Three car freight
2177WS 1952675 Three car freight
2183WS 1952726RR Four car freight
2201WS 1953 & 1954685 or 665 Four car freight
2217WS 1954682 Four car freight
2227W 19542353 Five car freight
2257WS 1956665 Five car freight
2261WS 1956646 Five car freight
2291W 19572379 Five car freight
2296W 19572373 Four car passenger
2505W 19582329 Five car freight
2511W 19582352 Five car freight
2527 1959 & 196044 Five car freight
2528WS 1959 - 19611872 Three car passenger & freight combo
9655 19622365 Five car freight
9673 1961218 Five car freight
11540 1965 & 1966239 Four car freight
12710 1964 - 1966736 Five car freight
12800 1965 & 19662346 Five car freight
13098 1963637 Five car freight

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