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In an effort to continue to diversify their offerings, Lionel began producing small motorized units in 1954. Although this helped to broaden the company's sales market, the trend was also an effort to stay abreast with the current railroads. Many real life railroads built speciality items for unique tasks. Lionel did not let this fact go unnoticed and built many speciality items for its own line -- such as the 68 Executive Inspection car and 3360 Burro Crane. These relatively inexpensive and self-propelled units were small in size and contained a single motor. Pulling power was minimal -- usually two or three freight cars being the maximum load.

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Other Motorized Units
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Item # YearsLionel Description
41 1955 - 1957US Army Transportation Corps
42 1957 Picatinney Arsenal Switcher
44 1959 - 1962United States Army Mobile Missile Launcher
45 1960 - 1962United States Marine Corp Mobile Missile Launcher
50 1954 - 1964Gang Car
51 1956 & 1957Navy Yard Switcher
52 1958 - 1961Fire Car
53 1957 - 1960Rio Grande Snowplow
54 1958 - 1961 & 1966 - 1969Ballast Tamper
55 1957 - 1961Tie-Jector
56 1958M. & St. L. Switcher
58 1959 - 1961Great Northern Rotary Snowplow
60 1955 - 1958Lionelville Trolley
68 1958 - 1961Executive Inspection Car
69 1960 - 1962Maintenance Car
400 1956 - 1958Budd RDC Passenger Car
520 1956 & 1957Boxcab Electric
3360 1956 & 1957Burro Crane
3927 1956 - 1960Track Cleaning Car

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