Santa Fe-Style Hudson
Steam Engine

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The 685 steamer was classified by Lionel as a Santa Fe-style Hudson. It's a mid-size steam engine and sold as an O gauge item. The 685 remains a dependable and quality locomotive. With the exception of the cab number, the 685 is the same locomotive as a 2055. Those two locomotives share their boiler castings with two other Lionel locomotives, the 665 and 2065 steamers -- the difference being the boiler fronts.

The 685 steam engine was available in boxed sets or as a separate sale item. It is a somewhat uncommon steamer as it was only available for a single year. The only tender sold with the 685 was the 6026W square or coffin style tender.

Standard features include; 4-6-4 wheel arrangement with detailed driving wheel hardware, Magnetraction, three-position E-unit, headlight, smoke, wire handrails plus an ornamental bell and whistle. The trailing truck was always produced with plastic side frames.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of the 685 is approximately 11 1/4" long (front to back).

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above. - The 685 did not undergo any changes during its production run.

685 Steam Locomotive & Tender
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Locomotive Variation Years .Box TypeYears
6851953:~ ~ ~ ~~
Tender Variation Years .Box TypeYears
6026W Whistling Tender 1953 - 1955:6026W Middle Classic with Insert 1953

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685 Steam Locomotive
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There are no 685 items currently available for sale.
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Historical Sales
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Sales History
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All Aboard Train Shoppe6$225.00Thu Feb 14 07:31:38 2013 Here's a clean, all-original steamer and tender that have been fully serviced, cleaned, tested and are ready to run on your layout. The headlight does illuminate, the smoke unit operates properly and the e-unit cycles perfectly.
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DescriptionSheet #DateConditionPriceComments
Instructions For Oper. Lionel Smoke Locomotives w/ Magne-Traction2035-132 / 19507+$ 14.00This instruction sheet is solid and complete with only very, very minor folds and tears along the side. The pages are clean and complete and there is no writing nor stains on the pages.
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