S-2 Turbine
1946 - 1949 & 1952

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The 671 steam engine is Lionel's representation of a turbine locomotive. The 6-8-6 wheel arrangement supported Lionel's advertising claim of 'it's an impressive 20-wheel locomotive!' The prototype was produced for and used by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Due to inefficient fuel consumption, the S-2 was a commercial failure and a second locomotive was never manufactured.

For Lionel, the success story of the turbine locomotive was different. The turbines were a marketing victory. The first turbine was introduced in 1946 and the final one rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Between those years, Lionel produced thousands of turbines. Other examples of postwar Lionel turbines include 681, 682 and 2020, all of which remain popular with collectors and operators. Note that a 671 is the same as a 2020 except the 671 was sold with O gauge track and the 2020 was sold with 027 track.

The 671 (along with its 027 gauge counterpart the 2020) was the first turbine introduced by Lionel. Originally introduced in 1946, it remained in the line until 1949. It also made a brief appearance in 1952, but was finally discontinued after a single year of production. Although none of the 671 turbines have Magnetraction, the sheer weight and reliability of the turbine continues to make it an excellent locomotive for pulling long freight trains.

The 671 turbine locomotive remained in the Lionel family for five production years. However, during its run there were four different versions of that engine. The following is a summary of each:

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of the turbine without the tender is approximately 10 3/4" long (front to back). Since the 671 was available with different tenders, its overall length depends upon the specific tender provided with the turbine.

Smoke Bulb - The smoke bulb version of the 671 is hard to locate as it was produced for only a single year.
Electronic Control - The Electronic Control version is hard to locate. Even though production lasted for several years, few were actually made.
Regular Production - Regular production 671 turbines are the most common of all 671 locomotives.
671 RR - Shown in the photo above. - The version without the 'RR' stamped on the cab is in the photo above. Either of the 671RR locomotives are somewhat difficult to locate.

671 Steam Locomotive & Tender
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Locomotive Variation Years .Box TypeYears
Smoke Bulb 1946:~ ~ ~ ~~
Electronic Control 1946 - 1949:~ ~ ~ ~~
Regular Production 1947 - 1949:671 Art Deco with Insert 1947
671 RR - Without 'RR' on Cab 1952:~ ~ ~ ~~
671 RR - With 'RR' on Cab 1952:~ ~ ~ ~~
Tender Variation Years .Box TypeYears
671W 8-Wheel Lionel Lines Whistling Tender 1946 & 1947 :671W Art Deco 1946
2671W - Pennsylvania Whistling Tender 1947 - 1949:~ ~ ~ ~~
4424W 8-Wheel Lionel Lines Whistling Tender 1946 - 1949 :~ ~ ~ ~~
4671W 8-Wheel Lionel Lines Whistling Tender 1946 - 1949 :~ ~ ~ ~~
2046W-50 - 8 Wheel Pennsylvania Whistling Tender 1952:2046-50 Middle Classic 1952

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671 S-2 Turbine
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Available inventory as of Sat Feb 13 03:00:01 2016 .
Seaside Trainz6+$299.00The S2 turbine was one of Lionel's premier locomotives produced between 1946 and 1949. This version is one of the earlier types that has no visible e-unit lever, it uses a plug and socket arrangement to control the e-unit.
All Aboard Train Shoppe7$323.00Now available is a clean, all-original turbine with the correct 671W tender. Both units have been cleaned, serviced, tested and operate perfectly. There is no rust nor damage to either the locomotive nor whistling tender.
All Aboard Train Shoppe7+$390.00Up for sale is a beautiful 1949 version of the turbine including a 2671W tender. Both items have been thoroughly cleaned, serviced, tested and everything works perfectly. There is no rust nor oxidation on either unit.
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Historical Sales
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Sales History
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All Aboard Train Shoppe7+$389.00Mon Oct 26 05:42:18 2015 Here's the first postwar turbine -- the variation with a smoke bulb and horizontal black motor. This steamer and tender have been completely cleaned, serviced, tested and operate perfectly. Overall condition is almost an 8!
All Aboard Train Shoppe7+$685.00Tue Dec 16 20:32:23 2014 Up for sale is the rare 1948 turbine with factory mounted back up lights in the tender. Both units have been fully cleaned, serviced, tested and work perfectly. The exterior colors are clean and the side lettering is crisp and clean.
All Aboard Train Shoppe8+/OB$545.00Tue Sep 22 18:33:09 2015 Now available is a stunning 1949 turbine with the premium 12-wheel 2671W tender. Both the turbine & tender have been tested and work perfectly. There are barely any signs of usage, the exterior paint is crisp and vibrant and no nicks nor blemishes.
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Related Paper Products For Sale
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DescriptionSheet #DateConditionPriceComments
Instructions for Operating Lionel Smoke Locomotives671-2101 / 19487$ 35.00This is the somewhat rare 1/48 variation with the '2026' steam locomotive number stamped onto the instruction sheet after the initial printing.
Instructions for Operating Lionel Smoke Locomotives671-21012 / 19487+$ 18.00This instruction sheet is clean and free of stains, writing and tape. There is a very tiny piece torn from the top left corner.
Instructions for Operatiing Lionel Steam-Type Locomotives671-2102 / 19528$ 17.00Here's a very clean instruction sheet, nothing is missing nor torn and there is no writing nor stains on the pages.
Instructions for Operating Lionel Smoke Locomotives671-2106 / 19478$ 19.00This is the slightly harder-to-find version printed on white paper. It's an extremely clean instruction sheet with only two tiny puncture holes (nothing is missing).
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