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SP-Type Caboose
1948 - 1961

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The 6357 caboose has the distinction of having the longest lifespan of any Lionel caboose in the postwar era. It was introduced in 1948 and ultimately retired in 1961. Its 14-year life started in Lionel's heyday of the late 1940's and is one of the few products to span all three decades of postwar train production. Because of its lengthy run, the 6357 has experienced almost every variation known to the SP-type caboose family. A single web page could not begin to describe all of the variations. For simplicity, the common variations will be documented on this site with a few rare ones mentioned for reference purposes.

The 6357 is a common caboose. During its 14-year reign in the Lionel family, it was included in numerous sets as well as being available for separate sale. Finding a 6357 caboose is easy; trying to acquire every variation will take time.

The 6357 was introduced in 1948 as a middle-of-the-line caboose. It was introduced with some detail, but not as much as the top-of-the-line 6457 caboose. Standard features included: illumination, end-railings, a single brakewheel and one operating coupler.

Due to the elimination of the 6457 caboose in 1952, the 6357 became the top-of-the-line SP-type caboose offered by Lionel. With its new status, a smokestack was added to the 6357 for the remainder of its life.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
Most of the current Lionel reference books categorize the SP-type cabooses by the lettering style on the side of the caboose. We've elected to remain consistent with that approach.

In addition to the various lettering styles, there are numerous color shades or variations within each entry. The colors run the entire range from red to maroon. In some cases the color difference is so slight you need to place two cabooses next to each other in order to determine if a difference exists.

The length of this caboose is approximately 7" long (coupler to end). None of the variations listed below are considered hard to find.

Lionel / SP - Staple-end version shown in the photo above - Estimated to run from 1948 through 1953. It has a painted body, white lettering, SP logo, illumination, single brakewheel and a single operating coupler. Lionel introduced this caboose with staple-end trucks. During 1952, Lionel replaced all staple-end trucks with bar-end trucks.
Lionel / Circle L - Estimated to run from 1953 through 1956. It has a painted body, white lettering, Circle L logo, die-cast smokestack, illumination, single brakewheel and a single bar-end operating coupler. There is also a very rare maroon painted smokestack version of this caboose.
Lionel - Estimated to run from 1957 through 1961. This is probably the most common version. It has a painted body, white lettering, Lionel logo, either a tall die-cast or short plastic smokestack, illumination, single brakewheel and a single operating coupler. Lionel introduced this variation with bar-end trucks and switched to AAR trucks in 1959.

6357 Lionel Lines Caboose
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Variation Years .Box TypeYears
Lionel / SP - Staple-end Trucks 1948 - 1952 :Art Deco, Overstamped 2472 Box 1948
Lionel / SP - Bar-end Trucks 1952 - 1953 :Middle Classic 1949 - 1955
Lionel / Circle L 1953 - 1956 :Middle Classic, '6357-25' 1956
Lionel 1957 - 1961 :Late Classic 1956 - 1958
All above variations in one photo 1948 - 1961 :Orange Perforated Panel 1959 - 1960

Inventory For Sale
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6357 Lionel Lines Caboose
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Available inventory as of Sun Feb 7 03:00:01 2016 .
All Aboard Train Shoppe7+/OB$ 94.00Up for sale is a very early 1948 production 6357 caboose that contains a few oddities. The exterior shell and frame are in nice condition and there is nothing broken nor damaged and the frame and trucks are free of rust and oxidation.
All Aboard Train Shoppe8/OB$ 50.00Here's a real oddity, a 2257 shell (from early 1948) mounted onto a stamped 6357 frame and included with the correct 1948 style Lionel box!
All Aboard Train Shoppe8/OB$ 67.00Now available is a stunning caboose from the late 1950's. The exterior colors are pristine and the side lettering and graphics are in perfect condition. Even the frame and bar-end trucks are clean and rustfree.
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Historical Sales
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Sales History
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All Aboard Train Shoppe7+$ 35.00Sun Jan 22 08:39:44 2012 This is the 1952 & 1953 version of the 6357 caboose. It has bar-end trucks, die-cast smokestack and 'SP' side lettering. The caboose is super clean and all original.
All Aboard Train Shoppe7+$ 42.00Fri Feb 6 15:38:33 2015 Up for sale is a great looking caboose painted in maroon / tuscan. It has the SP lettering on the side and bar-end trucks. The exterior color is vibrant and the lettering is perfect.
All Aboard Train Shoppe7+/OB$ 42.00Mon Jan 28 18:18:19 2013 Here's a nice and clean caboose from the mid-1950's. There's nothing broken, chipped nor cracked on the shell and the frame and trucks are clean. The original box is in decent condition, but is missing some interior flaps.
All Aboard Train Shoppe8$ 55.00Wed Mar 28 20:53:11 2012 This is a gorgeous caboose with the "SP" logo on each side and bar-end trucks. The caboose has vibrant exterior colors and perfect lettering. Even the end railings and frame are nice and clean.
All Aboard Train Shoppe8/OB$ 60.00Fri Nov 20 16:09:48 2015 Now available is this lovely 1949 Caboose. This later 1940’s version has staple end trucks. The light of the car has been fully tested and works quite well. There is absolutely no rust on the body of the car.
All Aboard Train Shoppe8+$ 48.00Fri Nov 20 16:10:03 2015 Up for sale is an early version with SP lettering and staple-end trucks. The exterior color is vibrant and the lettering is crisp, clean and not worn nor faded.
All Aboard Train Shoppe8+/OB$ 70.00Wed Jan 1 18:43:16 2014 Now available is a gorgeous, all-original caboose from the late 1940's. This caboose has been thoroughly cleaned, serviced and look great. The interior light does work. There is no rust, oxidation nor damage to the frame, trucks nor shell.
All Aboard Train Shoppe10/OB$ 85.00Fri Jul 6 06:26:23 2012 This is brand new tuscan-colored caboose for sale with bar-end trucks. It is in mint condition and has never been used! The exterior lettering is clean and white while the frame and trucks are clean and free of rust and oxidation.
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